About the Surface Water Flows Project 

The project is funded through Aqua Intel Aotearoa (AIA). AIA has worked with Northland Regional Council (NRC), Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust (TTTWT), landowners, Te Puni Kokiri (TPK), and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to identify areas where data on surface water flows is needed. These areas complement monitoring currently being undertaken in the region. AIA contracted Williamson Water & Land Advisory (WWLA) to install equipment, provide monitoring, and reporting of data.

Surface water flow in rivers and streams is currently monitored throughout the Northland region at a range of flow monitoring sites. Sites include continuous monitoring sites and other sites that can be used for 'spot' measurements.

Continuous flow is currently monitored at: 

  • 51 sites by NRC

  • 14 sites by TTTWT

  • other private flow monitoring sites

This project aims to install 5-10, new, continuous flow sites. Information collected will be used alongside data from existing monitoring sites.

Three of the new continuous flow monitoring sites are being established in 2021. They are located at Te Kao Stream; Waihopai River near Mitimiti; and near Te Arai Point Road, Mangawhai. The project team are working with local organisations and landowners to identify further sites.

Overall the project steps include:

  • using existing surface water flow data

  • installation of 5 - 10 new surface water flow monitoring sites

  • monitoring of surface water flow at these sites for 2 - 3 years

  • analysis of data from the existing monitoring sites and the monitoring sites installed as part of this project

Information from the surface water flows project will be used to:

  • increase knowledge of surface water flow (over space and time) across the region

  • support the development of Maori-owned land

  • inform landowners and investors of the likely water that can be used for land production (including water that can be harvested in high flow periods and stored for use at drier times)

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